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About Me

I grew up with a weird family. A fun family. But we branded ourselves as weird and we actively lived up to it. Either we are the weird ones, or we’re laughing at the weird ones. We mix and mesh together very well because we can be a bit eccentric. One of the things that branded us as strange, at least in our social circle, was our tastes in music. We enjoyed a lot of Celtic and folklore music and for some reason other people thought it was weird. 


Or maybe it was because we threw toilets out of the window on the second floor of our house. 

Either way, our parents encourage a lot of creativity. My mom sews and paints, my dad has carpentry, mechanical, and some musical skills. My parents encouraged us in the arts while we were growing up. Art was where I landed my main interests in and where it stuck. I received quite a bit of quality training in drawing and painting, and I studied classical drawing for two years at the Texas Academy of Figurative Art.

Interests & Inspiration​

Unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and dragons are all major fantasy elements that make their way into my work, but the macabre has also played a role in influence. I love twisting elements of nature and myth together. Anatomy, astronomy, music, the ocean, and the renaissance are interests that I explore alongside my art which influence.

Besides drawing, I have a number of different interests. I scuba dive, I enjoy astronomy, play the violin, dabbled with piano, read, craft, among more. Celtic and folk music, the renaissance, nature, the macabre, and fantasy keep inspiring different scenarios and stories that I should illustrate next.


I've been taking art classes since I was about 6 years old. I started oil painting when I was 12, though watercolor painting is what I have primarily pursued since.

When I graduated high school, I attended the Texas Academy of Figurative Arts (TAFA, for short) for a short time before beginning Community College and starting my Graphic Design studies. 

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